Spirit of the Cow

Yesterdays storm didn’t break over me but I walked and walked in hope of it happening until I came across a field of cows. I’d gone out with the intention of really feeling the spirit of the storm and collect some storm water during a ritual but instead I sat with the spirit of cows.

What gentle creatures they are. I sat watching them, 3 young cows were very curious and approached me, they came within a few feet before a bull warned them off but it was then I started to connect with the spirit.

A spirit of great generousity, just think of all they provide, a nurturing mother, a protective father, a spirit of abundance and fertility honoured the world over.

In Egypt, Hathor is depicted as a Cow Goddess of joy, abundance, protection, and the great mother of the milky way. In Norse myth a cow sourced the four rivers of power which fed the giants who ruled the First World. And of course, in India the cow is the most sacred of animals, symbol of patience and holiness.

Such an important animal spirit in our lives, right there infront of us in what we eat, drink, wear, sit on… I honour the Spirit of Cow who is the provider of life, love, and virtue.

Peace and blessed be!



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