Nwyfre – What it means to me…


To me, Nwyfre is the constant stream of life energy flowing through every person, creature, tree, and stone. It is the current which travels along the web of life, the unifying energy which connects us all.

Nwyfre is also the energy of directed will. “Energy flows where attention goes” is a very good way of demonstrating how we can feel Nwyfre. During any ritual when you cast of circle or call the quarters, you focus your will to do this and the Nwyfre flows along your intention to bring it into being. Another example chakras or energy body meditations, where we focus our attention on certain parts of our body, or whole body, to heal ourselves. During the focus we feel energy gathering at the specific place, this is Nwyfre responding to our will.

The word Nwyfre originally meant “sky” and referred to the winds but Iolo Morganwg took it for this druidic meaning and I think its easy to see why. The sky is a limitless expanse containing the sun and the rain, both essential to life; and the winds are powerful invisible force we can physically feel.

I recently discovered people have diiferent concepts of Nwyfre which inspired this. I’d be interested to hear others views.

Peace and Blessed be!



3 thoughts on “Nwyfre – What it means to me…

    1. Greer does a good explanation, pairing it with 2 other forces: Calas, the physical matter, and Gwyar, the flow of energy. With this he describes Nwyfre as the life force.

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