Improving my Earthiness

I’m in a phase of assessing myself and my elemental qualities. Throughout my practice I go through periods of feeling closer to a single elements and this changes frequently but its usually just the one element.

I’ve recently been through a long firey period which has been hard going. I’ve been very emotional and burning myself out, the constant rain cloud above me has been dampening my spirits too. So I’ve come to need to ground myself and create a balance of the elements within me.

Starting with Earth I’m assessing how earthy I am and how I can improve on this. I’m a keen gardener and walker, I’m vegetarian and eat healthy, I like to think I’m practical and methodical in my approach to things. The things I need to improve is exercising more, buy less plastic, recycle more, and be more conscious through daily practice of my energy and the energies affecting me.


My favourite trees in Avebury

Writing a blog helps to write it coherently and keep a plan in motion, I’d be interested to know how other people’s elemental affinities are, where they change or are set?

Peace and blessed be!


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